Ethic First, experts in digital accessibility

Our creed: ethics, first.

Today, nearly 15% of the French population, or 1 in 6 people, lives with a disability. Yet, few websites and mobile applications are accessible to everyone. At Ethic First, we aim to ensure equal treatment for people with disabilities. Our mission is to give everyone the means to access digital technology.

Ethics is our guiding principle: we place it at the core of our actions, our ambitions, and those of our clients. We want to make digital accessibility the norm and strive for it not to be perceived as a constraint but as a common requirement.

For a more inclusive digital experience

Ethic First is both a conviction and an approach. The conviction that all digital content should be accessible to users with disabilities above all else. And an approach that places accessibility best practices at the heart of the content and application production process.

As a major player in the digital accessibility market, Ethic First offers services and resources that allow you to effectively integrate accessibility requirements into your digital products, on the web and mobile devices, at a fair price.

Our services

Ethic First offers a range of services to ensure the compliance and accessibility of all your digital assets.


We audit websites, mobile and business applications to ensure their compliance with the local legal requirements. We are able to conduct audit for French and foreign websites.

  • RGAA accessibility audit
  • WCAG accessibility audit
  • Mobile application audit
  • Quick Diagnosis
  • Initial Audit
  • Declaration of compliance 
  • Control Audit

Consulting and support

We provide advice and support at every stage of your digital project, from design to user testing.

  • UI design assistance
  • Specification review
  • Code testing
  • Ticketing
  • Project support
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Accessible alternatives to PDF documents


We provide tailor-made training and awareness workshops to give your team the ability to integrate to your digital assets web development, content and design accessibility features. 

  • Awareness workshops
  • Customized content
  • Practical cases
  • Intra or intercompany workshops
  • Remote or in-person training

Multi-Year Planning

We assist you in developing your multi-year accessibility plan, essential for engaging your organization in this process. This important tool displays the overall accessibility policy of the company. It also details, among other things, the goals, skills, training plans, human, financial and technical resources mobilized within the company.

  • Planning meeting
  • Awareness workshops for digital teams
  • Definition and drafting of the multi-year plan
  • Annual action plans declination
  • Action tracking and recommendations

Our values

Accessibility is a fundamental right for people with disabilities.
It is also a moral duty for creators of digital content and applications.


We are committed to fighting against all forms of discrimination. We advocate for equal treatment for everyone, regardless of their disability, gender, social background, ethnic origin, religion, or sexual orientation.


We act with honesty, respecting each person’s differences. We communicate transparently with our team, clients, and partners. We are driven by our mission and follow a clear code of conduct.


We have a client-oriented approach. We implement efficient processes tailored to the needs and operational constraints of our clients. We design custom solutions.

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Access to digital platforms and contents is a fundamental right for everyone. However, for disabled people this right is not guaranteed. With Ethic First, we aim to contribute to a better and more inclusive world through digital accessibility.

President – Operating Director

General Director – Commercial Director

Our team consists of 4 experts in digital accessibility, with versatile and complementary profiles, who can work at all stages of a digital project’s design. We all come from the digital world and are dedicated to assisting you, with full knowledge of your processes, organizations, and constraints.